Water-bearing model ECHL - 3LD

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No. 100 Type: HREC

Heizregister aus 2 übereinander liegende
CU-Rohre 15x1mm Material: 99,9% Kupferanteile.
Mit aufgepressten, trapezförmigen CU – Lamellen
0,2mm. Material: 99,9% Kupferanteile.

Länge: 2500mm

No. 230 Type: BWEC-3LD

2-piece basic wall panel made of 2mm
perforated aluminium. Material: AIMg3 .
With lower and upper perforated cover.
Meets the requirements of GUV-SR 52
for KITAS - schools - and public facilities.
Faster heat dissipation to damp wall surfaces,
thus faster drying due to perforated wall panels.
Powder coating on both sides RAL- 9016
pure white "available in all RAL colours".
With pre-punched fixing holes.

L: 2460mm H: 290mm D: 40mm

No. 233 Type: ESEC-3LD

End pieces edged in 2mm aluminium,
material: AIMg2 , powder coating on both sides
RAL- 9016 pure white "available in all RAL-colours".
1 pair = left + right

No. 300 Type: ABEC

Cover panel "pulled" from 2mm aluminium
Material: AIMg3. For all baseboard models.
Powder coating on both sides RAL- 9016 pure white.
"Available in all RAL colours.

L: 2500mm H: 100mm D: 8mm

No. 700 Type: HKEC

Plastic brackets 2-pcs. for
heating coil and cover panel incl.
fastening: collar dowel 6mm
and screws galv. 4x40mm

No. 710 Type: BBWEC

Fastening set for base wall panels.
Consisting of plastic collar dowel
8mm and screws galvanised 5 x 50 mm

No. 720 Type: STVEC-1

Butt connector for cover panel made of 3mm
untreated aluminium.

Dimensions: 100mm x 50mm x 3mm

No. 740 Type: UKEC

Deflection and expansion compensator
to absorb the expansion of the heating coils.
Material : VA
Connection: 3/8" threaded connection with seal
x 3/8" ET for press or solder fittings

Material per linear metre ECHL-3LD

No. 100 - 1m
No. 230 - 1m
No. 300 - 1m (2x)
No. 700 - 4pcs
No. 710 - 2pcs