Skirting heaters - The alternative heating system

Energy-saving, healthy, space-saving, aesthetic & simple to install

Save up to 28% energy without any heating loss

No formation of condensation or mould

Pleasant ambient air thanks to healthy radiated heat

Visually appealing with minimal space requirements

Quick and easy to mount, many possible uses

Quick and easy to mount, many possible uses

Heating strips: The efficient heating system of the future

Welcome to Energy-com, your partner for alternative heating systems. With our heating strips we offer you healthy, intelligent and, above all, efficient technology for heating residential and commercial spaces or public buildings. As a modern and energy-saving heating technology, our base heating strips not only ensure a pleasant room climate, but also save on heating costs. Strip heaters impress with their enormous energy-saving potential, but in addition to financial and health aspects, they of course also offer other benefits Advantages.

Energy-com is available to you at any time as a contact for all aspects of the heating strip as an alternative heating system and has extensive information available for you on this website.

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Problems with mold?

Your guide to a healthy home

Formation- Remediation - Prevention

The alternative heating system

Energy-saving, healthy, space-saving, aesthetic & easy to install

Heating strips from Energy-com – contemporary & efficient heat dispensers

Skirting heaters by Energy-com – contemporary & efficient source of heat

Energy-com is the right address for anyone looking for an alternative heating system. Our heating boards, also known as skirting heaters, are the best alternative if you are looking for a clean and efficient heating system that can hold its own in the looks department. Our trademark protected system, known as skirting board heating, offers countless benefits and beats all other heating systems hands down in comparison tests.

The high energy-saving potential of our heating boards, also known as baseboard heating, has become even more important in recent years as there has been much talk of energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental protection. A high level of radiant heat, consistent heat distribution in the room, as well as quick-responding regulation/controls for the skirting heating are crucial in attaining high levels of energy efficiency. Up to 28% in energy savings without additional insulation combined with one-off procurement costs which soon pay for themselves make the Energy-com heating system a viable alternative to protect both the environment and your wallet.

Siegel Made-in-Germany

Quality made In Germany

Utility model protected & certified baseboard heating strips

The certification of the Energy-com baseboard heating strips was carried out by the MPA Stuttgart (Materials Testing Institute University of Stuttgart) and the HLK Institute Stuttgart. They have also been tested and certified for ball impact safety according to DIN 18032 Part 3 for sports facilities. Furthermore, the Energy-com baseboard heating strip meets the requirements of GUV - SR 52 for KITAS, schools and public facilities.

Also visually impressive & extremely versatile

Our trademarked heating system, available in a water-fed or electrical version integrates itself perfectly into the aesthetics of a room. The individual skirting heaters can be linked to form a system that has the appearance of traditional skirting boards/baseboards at first glance. They blend seamlessly into the interior decor and offer many aesthetic benefits over other heating alternatives.

Are expansive heaters ruining the overall look of your room? Or are massive, old-fashioned stoves taking away valuable floorspace for furniture and proving to be an eye-sore? If so, the great-looking, space-saving skirting board heating system from Energy-com is just what you are looking for! They can be installed in almost any type of room, including new-build properties or old buildings undergoing renovation. Flexible and versatile, these skirting heaters meet the needs of a diverse range of structural features and can be installed independently of the furnishing style and building fabric.

Energy-com’s modern skirting heating systems are used in private residences, holiday homes and commercial properties where they lead to lower heating costs while providing a healthy indoor climate. Public facilities, such as schools, kindergartens, churches, castles and other historic buildings rely on our innovative skirting board heaters. The installation of skirting heaters is especially worthwhile when renovating old buildings as this can quickly create an energy-saving heating system without altering the historic construction of the building.

Energy-com – an overview

Find out more about our company, our skirting board heaters, the many advantages you will enjoy, the various models and everything you need to know about performance, installation and much more.



TÜV Rheinland
Test ID: 1111217787



Project Manager for the Decontamination of Mould Fungus Damage (TÜV)
Certificate Number: 3812568
Valid until11.10.2026



Expertise in Indoor Mold Contamination (TRA)
Training with 16 teaching units


Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of Attendance
Mold Damage in Indoor Spaces
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Efficient & comfortable heating with Energy-com

Are you interested? Would you like to try an alternative heating system using your skirting boards/baseboards? Are you looking for more detailed information, or would you like to submit a non-binding enquiry? Feel free to contact us any time, or download our free brochure. Of course, you can also find all the information you need on Energy-com skirting heaters here on our website.

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While researching the causes of mould growth in flats, I came to the conclusion that it is due to the heat transfer in convection heating systems. This form of heat transfer does not reach the corners between wall and ceiling. Only radiant heating in the form of baseboard heaters on the outer wall is able to do this.

Hans-Günter Leidinger Dipl.-Ing.

Expert + Engineering Office Leidinger