Castle of Atteln

Short description

The preservation and renovation of old buildings has personal, cultural, economic and ecological reasons and values.
Renovation of old buildings is not only aimed at making an old building attractive again, but is also very often a necessity.

Mould, moisture damage, salts in the masonry, damage to the building fabric, building sins of earlier maintenance measures such as the use of harmful substances like asbestos, pentachlorophenol (PCP), formaldehyde, lindane or polystyrene boards make renovation of the old building in question inevitable.

The building services, including electrical wiring, water and sewage pipes, sanitary installations, ventilation systems and heating systems, are also often modernised during the renovation of an old building, as in most cases this is not only necessary for reasons of age, but is also advisable for reasons of energy efficiency.

With our energy-efficient heating system in the form of baseboard heaters, we at Energy-com offer you an option for renovating old buildings in which you can take advantage of radiant heat.

Key data

Product name : ECHL-3

Product Colour: RAL 9010 pure white

object : Castle

date / completion: September 2023