Saving energy (costs)

Skirting boards operate cost-effectively using electricity or hot water instead of fossil fuels and use the principle of radiant heat. The even distribution of heat and ability to rapid adjust/control via thermostats contribute to heating a property in an energy-efficient, resource-efficient and sustainable way. Energy savings of up to 28% compared to conventional systems are possible, even without the addition of extra insulation. That’s good news for both the environment and your wallet!


Even distribution of heat

Skirting board heaters spread their heat evenly into the room and over the walls which makes it possible to heat up the room far quicker than using conventional systems. It simultaneously prevents the room cooling down and developing cold spots and causing fluctuations in the indoor temperature. The heat can be felt throughout the room thanks to the skirting board heaters being mounted at the base of all four walls. This means the temperature can easily be set up to 3°C lower than would be needed with conventional radiators thanks to an optimal distribution of warmth, which ensures the room stays cosy.


No mould/mildew growth

Skirting board heaters are an effective way of preventing damp walls and thus the growth of mould and mildew. The even distribution of warmth in the room facilitated by radiant heat is both reflected by the walls and partially absorbed, which ensures the walls do not cool down and combats the formation of condensation on window panes. Old buildings, churches historic properties, in particular, could benefit hugely from this effective method of preventing mould. Damp walls and mildew? Not with our skirting board heaters!


A healthy indoor climate

Skirting board heaters can contribute hugely to creating a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. The radiant heat ensures very low air circulation within the room, which prevent dust and other particles being swept up and transported around the home. The reduced air agitation in interior spaces is especially suited to sufferers of allergies or asthma, which is one of the main reasons why property owners decide to install baseboard heating. The air will never be too dry nor too humid and a constant indoor climate can be ensured, which will do wonders for your health and general well-being.


Aesthetic character

Skirting heaters can add an elegant touch to any room thanks to their compact and sympathetic design, which blends seamless into the room like a conventional skirting board.

The standard model feature white (RAL 9016) baseboards but we can provide them in any RAL-spectrum colour upon request to ensure your skirting heaters match your expectations and blend in perfectly with the decor of any room. Unsightly radiators can be a thing of the past!


Space-saving installation

Skirting board heaters linking the walls and floor like baseboards can be integrated in the room to maximize space. While conventional wall-mounted heating requires large radiators or bulky wood burning stoves which takes away valuable space for furniture, furnishings or decoration, skirting board heaters take up next to no floor- or wall space and thus leave you with much more room for personal touches. The overall appearance remains harmonious and you keep plenty of space for cabinets, shelves, armchairs and more thanks to the space-saving design.


Versatile - can be used almost anywhere

Skirting board heaters can be included in the designs for new build homes or retrospectively fitted to existing buildings as part of refurbishment or renovation. Private households, commercial properties, sports facilities, daycare and many other public buildings are suitable for skirting heater installation since this innovative heating system can be matched to any existing structural features thanks to countless components and a range of handy accessories. Even stairwells or floor-to-ceiling windows are not a problem for our skirting board heaters!


Quick and easy to install

Skirting board heaters do not require any structural alterations. Walls do not need to be ripped out and floor plans can remain unaltered. They can be installed in almost any room thanks to their outstanding versatility and can be supplied in tailor-made lengths if requested. The whole structure is mounted on the wall by means of a base rail and then covered by panels. An easy to understand installation manual is available here. The boards are either linked to the hot water circuit or the mains supply.