The principle

The function of baseboard heaters explained compactly


How do baseboard heaters work?

Would you like to know how baseboard heating works? Are you interested in How does skirting board heating work or do you need more information? Then we can give you the answers here!

Skirting board heaters from Energy-com provide energy-efficient heating and at the same time a healthy and pleasant room climate thanks to their special mode of operation. The principle of a baseboard heater differs from the way conventional radiators work, which are also called radiators or convectors and, as convection heaters, make use of the principle of convection heat. Baseboard heating, as used in the form of our baseboard heaters, works on the principle of radiant heat and is therefore also referred to as radiant heating. At first glance, our baseboard heaters look like skirting boards, are installed as a connection between the floor and the wall in the entire room and, depending on the chosen design, function either electrically or with a water circuit. The connection to the water circuit is unproblematic in most buildings, otherwise the electric baseboard heating is a good alternative.

Radiant heat powered by electricity or hot water

Once connected, the baseboard heaters emit their heat evenly to the walls and into the room, allowing it to be optimally distributed throughout the room. Unlike conventional heating systems, this mode of operation does not create cold zones. The radiant heat enables optimum energy utilisation, which in turn enables you to save energy and thus energy costs, while at the same time protecting the environment. Heating with electricity or water? An ideal alternative to fossil fuels as often used in conventional heating systems! Our electric baseboard heaters are fitted with heating rods that can be quickly heated electrically by the current flowing through them. Our water-bearing baseboard heaters conduct hot water through the water pipes installed inside them. Rapid regulation or control via thermostats contributes significantly to energy efficiency. Thanks to the radiant heat, you can rely on sustainable, cost-saving heating with savings of up to 28% compared to conventional systems and benefit from a healthy and pleasant indoor climate in an environmentally friendly way thanks to the energy-efficient operation of the baseboard heaters.

How skirting board heaters help improve health

However, baseboard heaters not only offer energy-efficient and energy-cost-reducing functionality, but also benefit your well-being. Unlike convection heaters, they ensure low air circulation in the room. Since they hardly stir up any dust or other particles thanks to the radiant heat, they are the ideal heating systems for allergy sufferers and sensitive noses. Air that is too humid or too dry? Not with the baseboard heaters from, also known as baseboard heating! The evenly distributed heat in the room is perceived as pleasant and also effectively counteracts the cooling of the walls. Damp spots and mould, which can damage your health and also the fabric of the building, do not become a problem thanks to the use of skirting board heating!

Space-saving, visually appealing & easy-to-use

The simple functionality of baseboard heaters and their practical shape, which resembles conventional skirting boards, make this alternative and innovative heating system so attractive for a wide range of buildings and applications. Baseboard heaters from Energy-com can be installed in almost any room, are suitable for both new buildings and buildings in need of renovation, and combine functional heating with a visually appealing design object. With their classic skirting board look, they take up hardly any space, in contrast to conventional radiators or large fireplaces. Valuable floor space is thus preserved. Suitable for any ambience, we offer you a selection of skirting heaters in various RAL colours, which can thus be matched to your personal taste and integrate perfectly into the room. Regardless of the style and nature of the wall surface, the baseboard heaters are quick and easy to install. Their installation is possible both in the planning phase of new buildings and for existing properties and is of interest to all house and flat owners.

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